Southdale Naturals


Waterproofing is as old as 13,000 years. Waterproofing is the third oldest trade after carpentry and masonry. It was in the late 21st century that the construction industry revamped into a new look by incorporating technology and values.

Research indicates that 80% of complaints were to do with water penetration and after effects in the construction industry. The need to deliver compact, eco-friendly and low price buildings arose. Mr Satya Prakash, CEO Southdale Naturals is known for his decisiveness and aesthetic ability. His vision of building a worthy waterproofing company became a reality in 2009. He believes that a good proofing structure with quality plays a vital role in deciding the effectiveness of a construction.




Our Team

We are a team of professionals working together to optimise the energy, skill and effort. Our team includes qualified engineers, supervisors and administrators who are highly skilled and trained in waterproofing solutions.
  • Mr. Santosh Shetty - Admin
  • Ms. Yashmi - Admin
  • Mr. Nagaraj - Supervisor
  • Mr. Rahul Mishra - Supervisor
  • Mr. Chandru - Supervisor
  • Mr. Revanna & Anand